a perfect massage for you.

Check the different options in terms of erotic intensity: from relaxing massage to extremely erotic body work.
You can also decide session lenght in time: from 60 min massage to the full 2 hour version.



Relaxation means emptying your mind under the sweetest and most sensual touch of Lola. 

A combination of tantric techniques: thai massage “Lomi Lomi” pressures and caresses throughout your body, along with the technique “Nuad Thai”, Lola will use her hands, her forearms and will also perform a small amount of body to body massage. This  includes the famous lingam-massage.

Body to body massage.
You will resist against getting back to real life.when finished.

60 minutes: 120 €

90 minutes: 180 €


Just between the relaxing and the extremely erotic, this menu has a bit from both worlds. Forget the stressful life and dare a dive into Lola’s magic ocean of sensuality.

Based on TANTRA AND NIRVANA: exchange of energies and postures with caresses for very sensual body to body interaction. It includes prostate massage under request.

Lola’s medium erotic massage is a dream come true. This massage menu blends sweet calm with hot tenderness.

60 minutes: 150 €

90 minutes: 200 €

120 minutes: 250 €

Erotic couple massage

The maximum erotic intensity is also available to share with your wife or girlfriend.

This is an amazing experience with lots of improvising. Lola will create a blissful chemistry among you all.

Lola can serve you both at the same time. Or she can bring her fellow Masseur Dani or a female masseuse, as you prefer.

90 minutes: 300 €

120 minutes: 400 €

Extremely erotic massage (option with erotic shower)

By far, one of the two star of erotic massages. Extremely erotic massage to make the most demanding fantasies come true.

It is an oriental massage, made exclusively with the naked body of Lola, and a technique such as KAMASUTRA, together with the Lingam and prostatic massage.

In this technique, postures are performed (without penetration) to make the interaction more erotic and morbid.

Lola uses her breasts to give you a very intimate massage, but keep in mind that she does not perform sex.

* Erotic shower is included in 90 and 120 minute sessions.

60 minutes: 200 €

90 minutes: 300 €

120 minutes: 400 €

Extremely erotic NURU massage (option with erotic shower)

This is the most jaw-dropping and mind-blowing erotic massage you could ever imagine.

Lola will drive you through the whole world of erotic grips and body to body massage using the Japanes Nuru-gel. It is not only body to body or lingam massage, it is a mind-to-mind and body to body super gliding skin connection. Beyond description.

This menu includes the largest amount of erotic oriental grips including Nuad-Thay, using Lola’s feet to massage you. This is the fullest, the complete and the hottest erotic massage in the world!

Lola will use her breasts and her full body to deliver an amazing body to body sexy gliding nuru-massage. Lola never performs oral sex and no penetration.

* Erotic shower is included in 90 and 120 minute sessions.

60 minutes: 250 €

90 minutes: 350 €

120 minutes: 450 €

What is erotic massage

Erotic massage  is going further than regular therapy massage, way into the intimate and personal universe of skin communication.   

Trust Lola for an amazing experience. She is elegant, talented, extremely sexy and sensual. She is a well known and extremely talented Tantra masseuse.

Her personal interpretation is very erotic. Lola has become one of the most sought after masseuses in Spain.


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*Phone number for reservations, including instant booking