How would you like to freeze time?

Let's make our encounter change the laws of the universe. An exclusive moment to look into pleasure by using sensory, body and sexual tools.

To me, it’s important bear in mind that my services do not include any form of sexual intercourse such as oral sex or penetration. Instead, I use the orgasmic energies achieved with my caresses, hands and touch. I`ll take you to a place you’ve never been to yet. I want to reprogramme your way of living, loving and feeling. Would you let me do it?



Let yourself go and let me control your inner self. Don’t think about anything else. Now, it’s me taking over. This reconnaissance will leave you totally relaxed, entrance and full of prana, the vital energy. 

First, we’ll start by calming and easing your whole body. From there, I’ll use a range of millenary techniques that combine tantra, thai and lomi lomi. Little by little we’ll be heightening the energy thanks to sexuality and sensuality and you’ll reach an explosive, liberating and sacred climax never experienced before.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: 100€

+ Travel expenses (TAXI) for services outside Barcelona


Tara is a sacred goddess that represents  femininity.  We’ll invoke her with a body-to-body
ritual (without penetration) and the most sacred Kama Sutra positions. All combined with a hint of fantasy and seduction with which we’ll heighten the sexual energy and learn to control the Kundalini energy. This deep connection ends with a lingam and prostate massage (if requested) so that you can connect with your inner divinity and the most profound pleasure. 


Duration 60 minutes  – price  150€  

90 minutes – price 180€           


+ Travel expenses (TAXI) for services outside Barcelona


This experience is believed to be better than sex. This connection will get you immersed in a universe impregnated with pleasure, bodily sensations and orgasmic catharsis. Our intimacy is paramount and I’ll use all my energy to connect with you at the deepest level. 

This trip begins with an tantric shower as a means to meditate and relax the body. Then we’ll move to the tatami where you’ll enjoy a body-to-body massage, performing tantric positions that bring synergy and ecstasy. Oil will be applied to every inch of our bodies to stimulate previously unknown spots and angles. You’ll be able to interact with me through caresses encouraging touch and feeling the present time as you’ve never done before. The orgasm is so powerful that it’ll take you to an extremely pleasant intensity. You’ll feel me like never before.

Duration:  90 minutes

Price: 200€

+ Travel expenses (TAXI) for services outside Barcelona


Enjoy this powerful experience with a shower massage. Relax your body, mind and spirit with the water. We’ll bathe together and get immersed to the bottom of the water and pleasure. Caresses and body relaxation focus on a 15-min shower for the two of us.

After that, you’ll get a full hour of massages, caresses and rest. Touch, pleasure and the opening of the first chakra in a body friction that will take us towards the universe. Let yourself be seduced by my hands and trust your satisfaction. I’am sure you have never experienced anything like this. We will work erogenous zone with a stimulating lingam and prostatic massage to stimulate all your senses

Duration : 15-minute shower  + 60-minute massage

Price: 300€

+ Travel expenses (TAXI) for services outside Barcelona


Another dimension to connect with your couple thanks to my energy. Sensuality and
tantrism are guaranteed in this unique three-way experience. Perfect as a break from
routine and monotony and a deep learning of how to stimulate.
Sometimes we’re more aware of the outside than of what we have by our side. This
massage brings light and passion back, and reignites your sexual spark and the desire for
your bodies and spirits. A bonding experience for our souls to connect with the most intense
pleasure. Shall we touch the sky?

Duration: 90-min massage + 30 minutes of privacy

Price: 300€

+ Travel expenses (TAXI) for services outside Barcelona

Feel your massage wherever you want

All massages take place in my completely discreet and professional studio; or at your hotel
room or home. I can meet you anywhere in the city, wherever you can best enjoy the
experience without having to move.


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