Hi, I’m Lola Fellini

Your perfect tantric massage in Barcelona.

Tantric masseuse who loves her job. My passion has allowed me to delve into the sensory
exploration and develop my own techniques.

This is my life story

Let’s make our paths cross

You call me Lola Fellini when your eyes are connected with the divine. Or when my hands take your body into new forms of satisfaction and communication.

I am Catalan and I have devoted myself to my passion for 13 years, i.e. touching souls through the body.  I get to do that with my unique massages. I´ve always been told that my energy heals, it’s genuine, authentic glow. This makes each journey and experience intense, enriching, intoxicating. You connect with the here and now through my hands, my body and my spirit. Because I take care of you with all my love and guide you through this sensory trip. You’ll discover the joy of being alive and forget about the world. It’s just you and me. Flow with me. Let yourself get carried away. Trust me. You won’t believe what you are about to feel. But, you know what? It’s real.

What’s this sensory trip about?

This is not just any tantric massage. This is a unique sensory experience to which ancestral
techniques and Tantric philosophy are applied. Everything blends with my knowledge about
the human body and the energy that my own body reveals. We enter an authentic, personal
universe, where our skins communicate and heal. Let yourself get carried away by the
elegance, knowledge and the beauty of being.

I’m considered to be one of the most sought-after tantric masseuses in Spain. Would you like
to know why? Come meet me.

Let’s meet!

 622 870 769

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