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Lose yourself in this sensory journey. Discover my world.

Enjoy the sensory experience through my hands

I’m Lola Fellini , I live in Barcelona and I am a professional masseuse. My massages go beyond my hands and caresses; you’ll be immersed in a type of pleasure that you’ve never experienced before. Are you ready?

your body

Don’t miss out on this experience.

We only live once and we are not aware of everything we can do with our body. With me,
you’ll be able to work your senses through touch, light, music and aromatherapy.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with yourself and have a first-hand experience of pure joy

The sensory exploration arrives in Barcelona

Enjoy my massages at your hotel room or stop by my completely discreet studio. Up
to you!


The moment is now

My massages are innovative due to the combination of ancestral techniques with Tantricphilosophy. Time freezes and space expands, and you surrender to your deeper senses.
This will allow you to balance your mind, body and spirit through extremely pleasant
sensations and my energy use with your chakras. Start here and now. Flow with me.

Get to know what intensity really means

Check the different options that best adapt to your time and the intensity you wish. From a
60-minute session to 2 hours of tantric wisdom!

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